The Vecchio for Families

From Ajaccio but also Corte, Calvi, Ile Rousse and Bastia

The Vecchio, in its lower part, offers a perfect combination to discover the joys of canyoning with the family and children.
This water hike is suitable for all: families and children from 7 years old (provided you can swim).
Swimming in the river is the main attraction of this course, the descent is punctuated by jumps and obstacle crossings, ideal to discover the activity.
The natural environment is magnificent with superb blocks of grey granite in emerald green water.
There are no difficulties to be found on this discovery trail.

​Inscription :

To participate in a descent, reservation is mandatory :

By phone : +33 4 20 19 09 09
Mail :
Online : click here to register online

Discover the Vecchio Canyon with your family

This canyon is scheduled daily in July and August.

Price: 45 € per person

  • Mentoring by : a nationally certified Canyoning Instructor
  • Number of participants : 12
  • Difficulty : An easy aquatic course. This program is particularly tailored towards children (knowing how to swim) and families. We do not accept registrations from children not accompanied by an adult
  • Age : From 6 years old
  • Period : from June to September
  • Duration of the activity : about 3 hours
  • Approach walk to canyon : 10 minutes on a small stony and steep path
  • Descent duration : 2 hours
  • Walk back : 20 minutes on a small stony and steep path
  • Rappel maximum height : 4 meters - No jump is required
> Photos of the Vecchio canyon <
We ask participants to be in good physical condition, to know how to swin and to have no health problems.
No jump is required.

Geographical situation

The canyon is situated in the Monte d’Oro Massif between the villages of Venaco and Vivario.
The pont du Vecchio (Vecchio Bridge) is also called the Pont Eiffel, on the national road T20 between Ajaccio and Corte.

Meeting place :
Every day from June to September at the Pont du Vecchio (Vecchio Bridge)

Access by car :
From Ajaccio : 1h15
From Porticcio : 1h15
From Corte : 20 minutes
From Ile Rousse : 1h20
From Calvi : 1h45
From Bastia : 1h30
From Aleria : 1h00

Download the Map 
Download the photo of the meeting place 

Gear provided by our agency :

  • Wetsuit
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Backpack

The Vecchio for Families

Canyoning shoes are available to rent : 8 € per person 

The Vecchio for Families

Must have gears not provided by our agency :

  • Swimsuit
  • Sports shoes (Water shoes are not allowed, they do not provide adequate protection)
  • One bottle of water per person
  • One energy cereals bar per person