Canyoning for families

The Vecchio for Families

The lower section of the Vecchio provides a great environment for discovering the joys of canyoning with family.
From 7 years old (for children who know how to swim), we offer you an aquatic experience that is tailored for everyone, families and children alike.
Swimming in the river is the main attraction of this descent, punctuated by jumps and passages with obstacles that are ideal for discovering this sport. No difficulty is encountered during this initiatory canyon.

The Zoïcu for Families

The Zoicu for Families is a very easy canyon descent that is tailored to children. It is still considered a ‘true’ canyon descent with all of the characteristics that make up the activity: jumps, toboggans, tyrolean and a short descent by rappel of 3 meters maximum in a breathtaking setting.
There is everything here to satisfy the whole family and give your children the desire to follow you into the Corsican mountains!