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Registration for CORSICA ACTIVITIES services implies the acceptation of these conditions of sale by the subscriber, who undertakes to inform each participant of all the terms and conditions.

 Art. 1 : SCOPE
CORSICA ACTIVITIES organizes, commercializes and supervises canyoning activities in Corsica.
Collective activities : are defined as collective activities, activities which are offered to individuals or groups of individuals who register separately and are grouped in the same outing. They can be, for example, single people, groups of friends or families.
Private activities : are defined as the activities proposed to institutions, companies, associations, etc …

The outdoor activities offered by Corsica Activities are subject to climatic and human hazards. Changes in canyon conditions are not always predictable, that implies the possibility of changing the program  at any time.
Last resort, the monitor remains sole judge of the program, which he can adapt due to security requirements.
Any registration for our activities implies an adherence of our general conditions of sale.
A deposit is paid upon booking.
The balance is due on the day of the activity.
Collective activities : registration is effective from the moment the subscriber receives a confirmation email for the chosen outing.
Private activities : registration is effective upon receipt of the deposit corresponding to 30% of the total amount of the service and a booking confirmation email for the chosen outing.
Our outings are guaranteed if the minimum number of participants is registered, in case of too few registrants, the outing is delayed or canceled.  See cancellation conditions on our part.
 Art. 5 : RATES
CORSICA ACTIVITIES rates are presented on the website and on the brochures available in hotels, campings, tourism offices, etc.
The prices are clearly displayed in HT or TTC and present the amounts of VAT at 10%, 20% and special rates.
Discounts : The websites managed by CORSICA ACTIVITIES propose occasional promotional offers. These apply to reservations made only under the reference of these offers and for the periods announced.
The prices include : the organization, the supervision provided by a state certified guide and the loan of technical and safety equipment necessary for the practice of the chosen activity.
In any case, we invite you to refer to the product's technical sheet, available on our website or on request.
The prices do not include : the possible rental of equipment (e.g. : Go Pro, portable), transportation to the place of activity (meeting place and practice site) and personal expenses.
Meals (picnic, water, snack) are the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise stated.
Commitment and solidarity : As part of a group, or registration for several people, the subscriber undertakes to make known and approve the general conditions and the documentation of the activity to all registered participants.
In the event of a breach of the General conditions of sale (delay, cancellation, abondonment), of one or more participants, all of the services are due by the subscriber.
 Art 7 : PAYMENT 
For coaching services, the payment must be addressed  directly to CORSICA ACTIVITIES attention. This mention will be stipulated during the reservation.
Means of payment accepted : cheque, holiday voucher, bank transfer, bank card (secure internet payment) or cash.
The consumer's right of retractation according to article L221-28-12 of the Consumer Code do not apply to contracts having as their object dated services for accommodation, transport, catering, leisures. The contractor will therefore not benefit from any right of retractation.
Our activities are open to everyone; however, depending on the activities and paths, some conditions will apply (age limit, swimming, technical level, physical condition, etc.).
CORSICA ACTIVITIES does not have the possibility to verify the level of sports practice of its customers.
It is therefore up to each participant to assess his physical condition according to the path choices he wish to make. To know these conditions, please refer to the technical sheets (available on our website
For canyons and whitewater activities, it is imperative to know how to swim and immerse yourself.
You should not be subject to a medical contraindication to the practice of the chosen activity.
IMPORTANT: You are not subject to a medical contraindication but you are dependent on special medical care or treatment (asthma, diabetes, etc.) or your health requires special attention (fragile joint, problem back, glasses required, etc.), you must inform the monitor before the start of the activity and provide appropriate emergency medication, according to medical recommendations.
In accordance with the legislation, CORSICA ACTIVITIES has professional liability insurance.
Each participant must also have individual civil liability. In order to protect you in the event of an incident or accident that may occur during the activity, you must have a comprehensive insurance covering the costs of cancellation, assistance and repatriation.
We cannot replace the individual civil liability of each participant.
In the event of a body accident, the responsibility of CORSICA ACTIVITIES and the intervening monitor is released as soon as the victim is taken care of by the competent rescue organizations, and any hospital suite will be the responsibility of the injured person’s personal insurance.
The practice of outdoor activities takes place in a specific environment known as "at risk".
Each participant is aware, given the specific nature of the proposed activities, that he may be at risk due in particular to the remoteness, isolation and specific nature of the environment (river, cave, cliff, etc.). He assumes them with full knowledge and he must comply with the rules of prudence and follow the advice given by professionals.
The participant / client is responsible for the equipment loaned to him for the activity. The professional cannot be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by the equipment made available.
In the event of theft or damage to the loaned equipment, compensation may be requested from the participant/ client related to wear or a full refund of the equipment.
Professionals (monitors) and CORSICA ACTIVITIES cannot be held responsible for loss, theft (including in vehicles) or breakage of objects (glasses, cameras, etc…) that practitioners could take with them during activity and which can be sustained during the activity.
 - Cancellation on your part:
Any cancellation on your part must reach us no later than 48 hours before the start of the activity.
The amount of the sums withheld is calculated according to the following scale :
* More than 48 hours before the start of the activity : full reimbursement of the sums paid at registration
* From 48  to 24 hours before departure : 75% of the price of the activity is due
* Less than 24 hours before departure : the full price of the activity is due
No show at the meeting : in case of no show at the activity no refund will be made.
Delay : any delay on your part at the place and time of appointment of the activity is considered as a cancellation within 24 hours and therefore does not give right to any refund.
Abandonment: Any voluntary interruption on your part of the activity does not give right to any refund, as well as an exclusion decided by your supervisor, for insufficient level or non-compliance with the safety instructions.
If it is impossible for you to carry out the activity, you can suggest another person to us on the condition that they meet the same conditions.
- Cancellation on our part
If we had to cancel a start of activities for reasons beyond our control (bad weather ...) we would offer you, if possible, different alternatives, at the current rate, or full reimbursement of the amounts received.
In the event of an interruption of activity on our part for security reasons, the amounts reimbursed are fixed according to the following scale :
*Approach walk in progress or over : full reimbursement of the price of the activity
* Canyoning in progress : 50% reimbursement of the price of the activity
* Exclusion : at any time our supervisors can decide to exclude one or more participants from an activity for insufficient level, for non-compliance with safety instructions or for any other reason considered important by the monitor.
Art. 12: MEETING
A time and a place of meeting are systematically communicated to you whatever the service. For the smooth running of the activities and out of respect for the other participants and the professional who supervises you, we kindly ask you to take note of the information previously transmitted by us. Be sure to anticipate your route so as to be punctual. We tolerate a delay of 10 minutes maximum. Beyond this deadline, the monitors leave for activities and no reimbursement or compensation will be due.
 Unaccompanied minors :
Minors under  14 years old who are not accompanied by an adult (legal responsible) are not accepted in "collective" activities.
Unaccompanied minors from 14 to 18 years old can be accepted in "collective" activities, subject to parental authorization and under certain conditions (sporting level, skill, ...)
In this case, a parental authorization will be signed by the legal responsible on the day of the activity.
If the activity requires a transfer to the site (cliff, canyons, cave, etc.), the minor's transportation must be provided by the legal responsible.
 Minors in the CVL / CLSH / School context:
The company organizing the stay or the outing must be able to provide the monitor and CORSICA ACTIVITIES, for each participant (young and animator)
- a 25 meters swimming certificate and the ability to immerse,
- the health card of each participant.
On the other hand, CORSICA ACTIVITIES undertakes to provide the certificates and documents necessary for the organization of the stay / outing (DDCSPP accreditation, insurance, supervisor's diplomas, etc.)
The supervision of young minors is subject to regulations which limit it to 8 young people and 1 animator (maximum). Each group of minors must be accompanied by 2 adults including a animator and the monitor supervising the activity.
The gift voucher is effective upon receipt of the total payment of the service.
The purchase order is nominative. However, it can be transmitted to the person of your choice provided that we are notified in advance to change the contact details of the new beneficiary.
The beneficiary of the gift voucher must contact us to reserve the outing.
The gift voucher activity can be replaced by another activity offered by CORSICA ACTIVITIES, provided that the value of the latter is less than or equal to the activity mentioned on the gift voucher. On the other hand, it is possible to carry out an activity of a higher amount by paying the difference.
PLEASE NOTE: The gift voucher has an expiration date. After the period of validity (current year), the service will be considered as executed and cannot be postponed. The beneficiary and / or the buyer cannot claim any reimbursement or compensation.
The gift voucher and the nominative document must be presented on the day of the outing to the monitor in charge of the session.
The outing will be guaranteed in the event that the minimum number of participants required is ensured and in the event that the weather conditions allow the good practice of the activity.
CORSICA ACTIVITIES and its online booking and planning management provider Trekker undertake to protect the personal data of their customers: neither of the two entities resells, shares or monetizes their customer data.
CORSICA ACTIVITIES and Trekker ensure that they do not collect data allowing the identification of natural persons other than those explicitly requested from the subscriber of the reservation.
CORSICA ACTIVITIES and Trekker keep the data provided by their customers for 6 years for tax reasons, in particular in compliance with the 2018 Finance Law and the fight against VAT fraud.
Even at the explicit request of the customer, CORSICA ACTIVITIES cannot delete any data from the Trekker PRO software, these being used to arrive at pricing within the framework of the 2018 Finance Law.

Any complaint relating to the activity must be sent to CORSICA ACTIVITIES by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt  within one month after the activity date and will be the responsibility of the Commercial Court of Ajaccio.


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