Canyoning in Corsica

The Richiusa Canyon

Accessible from Ajaccio-Corte-Sagone:

One of the most well known canyons in Corsica, the Richiusa near Ajaccio allows one to experience all of the joys of canyoning. This descent is very pleasant, giving you all of what canyoning in Corsica has to offer: Diving, toboggans, tyrolean traverse and rappels in a magical setting…

The Richiusa Canyon
To participate in a descent, reservation is mandatory :

The Richiusa Canyon
Canyoning shoes are available to rent :
10 € per person

By phone: +33 4 20 19 09 09
Mail :
Online : click here to register online

Discover the Richiusa Canyon

Price : 55 € per person

  • Mentoring by : a Nationally Certified Canyoning Instructor
  • Number of participants with an instructor : 12
  • Difficulty : This is an initiation level canyon that does not demand any prior experience, a good physical condition is recommended in order to make the most out of this activity.
  • Age: From 9 years old
  • Period : from April to October
  • Duration of the activity : About 4 hours
  • Approach walk to canyon : About one hour
  • Descent duration :  about 2 hours
  • Walk back : 15 minutes
  • Rappel maximum height : 10 meters

Canyoning is a sports activity, each participant must know how to swim, you must be aware that the group will evolve in a specific environment which can be dangerous. Despite the presence of an instructor, an accident may occur and the instructor may not be held responsible for it.
No jump is required.

Gears provided by our agency :
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Wetsuit
  • Backpack
Must have gears not provided by our agency :
  • Swimsuit
  • Sports shoes if you don't rent its
  • One water bottle per person
  • One energy cereals bar per person

Geographical situation

The canyon is situated in the Migliarella Massif, near the village of Bocognano.

Access by car :
From Ajaccio: 45min
From Porticcio: 40min
From Corte: 45min
From Ile Rousse: 1h45
From Sagone: 1h10

Meeting place :
In our Canyoning Base in the village of Bocognano, see map.

Download the Map  

Access map of Richiusa canyon

Video of the Richiusa Canyon

10 reasons to choose the Richiusa canyon with Canyon Corse

- A exceptional site with a succession of natural pools
- A clear and turquoise water like in a lagoon
- A canyoning descent just 45 minutes from Ajaccio
- The comfort of a canyoning base on the site
- The possibility of adapting each obstacle to the levels and wishes of the participants
- The wide variety of obstacles, jumps, slides, abseiling and zipline
- The possibility of choosing the discovery or sports descent according to your wishes
- Qualified monitors and specialists in this canyon
- The loan of neoprene gloves and socks at the start and end of the season
- Rental of high-performance canyoning shoes

All about the Richiusa canyon

The Richiusa canyon is one of the key canyoning places in Europe.

This gorge is carved a hundred meters deep in the granitic Migliarella Massif.
The natural pools which constitute it, are perfectly designed and the cristal clear water takes on emerald colors.
This exceptional natural environment is the ideal playground for canyoning enthusiasts.

The descent is accessible for most people. It is not necessary to be experienced in canyoning to enjoy the activity.

The children from the age of 9 will be pleased to discover such a wonderful spot which doesn't present major difficulties.
However, being able to swim is mandatory to do the activity.

The most sporting part of the canyon, even the most difficult one, is the approach walk to start the descent.
It takes between 45 minutes and an hour to join the canyon.
Some steep passages, such as a 10 minutes hard ascent through a scree, also require a good physical condition.
However, do not give up the effort. It's worthwhile.

The descent is very enjoyable and varied. You will find all the characteristics of canyoning.
The jumps are obviously never obligatory, and can be bypassed. The highest jump of the Richiusa is 8 meters, but small others are part of the tour.
On the first third of the activity, an abseiling will be the opportunity for beginners to be introduced to a very funny aspect of canyoning.
During the descent of the Richiusa, you will discover its 7 well-known slides.
The descent in the water lasts around 2 hours and the total activity half day.

You will be equipped with a neoprene wetsuit, a helmet and a harness.

A canyoning professional will be in charge of the safety and smooth running of the descent. All our instructors are nationally certified and represent the guarantee of a successful activity.

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