An explanation of the different levels of difficulty for canyoning in Corsica

We offer different styles of canyoning of varying levels of difficulty:
Canyoning for beginners, a great way of initiation to the sport
Canyoning for families, which allows everyone to make the most of their experience
Canyoning for participants at the expert level
The Tavignano, a one of a kind experience

Canyoning for beginners, an initiation to the sport

Canyoning for beginners: these are canyons where no prior experience is necessary.
For this category, we offer the following: The Verghellu, The Richiusa, The Zoicu, The Vacca
  • These canyons take a half day to complete
Diving from boulders is never obligatory, the highest jumps do not surpass 8 meters
  • Sections that require rapelling are few (3 maximum per canyon) and are no higer than 15 meters. Some rappels cannot be avoided therefore certain ones are obligatory. The guide will be present at all times allowing you to descend in total security.
Canyoning is a physical activity and even canyoning for beginners requires a good level of physical fitness
  • The ability to swim is obligatory
Each of these canyons involve an approach hike in mountain terrain that can be very steep at times
l[These canyons are offered to children ages 10 and up
These canyons offer true descents in a majestic setting and will please everyone from beginner to expert

Canyoning for Families

Canyoning for families are canyoning descents that are tailored for children ages 7 and up
]lThese descents offer all of the ingredients of canyoning but difficult obstacles can always be avoided
  • Diving from boulders is never obligatory
The ability to swim is obligatory for security and also so that children can make the most of their experience
  • The level of difficulty during the descent is adapted to the rhythm and level of the children
Wetsuits are provided for children of different sizes
These descents are equally enjoyable for parents who desire to discover the sport and to take advantage of the swimming that the island's wild, mountain rivers have to offer

Canyoning for Experts

We offer two canyons for experienced participants, The Dardu and The Sulleoni
To sign up for these descents an interview with a guide from our agency is mandatory
]lThese canyons take a full day to complete and require an excellent level of fitness
l[The ability to make rappels autonomously is mandatory

The Tavignano

The Tavignano is a one of a kind descent
]lThe complete descent requires a full day, therefore a good level of fitness is necessary
  • Diving from boulders is never obligatory yet this descent offers dives of considerable height
The sections that require swimming are considerable
  • There is no part of the descent that involves ropes (tyrolean or rappel)
The approach hike is long but takes place on a good trail that is about 2 hours long.
For those with good fitness and who are fond of nature, this is a great experience in a majestic setting